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ArtStation stop: Nikolay Razuev

Nikolay Razuev’s art features lots of landscapes, but some great creature too. My weakness for landscape art plus large creatures took me right to his page on ArtStation. Here are five of my favourites.

Jurassic Nature 3


The stegosaurus has always been one of my favourite dinosaurs, so this picture attracted me immediately. The lush colours helped too.

Ancient Walled Kingdom


This art shows Japanese-themed buildings in the foreground and a great stone fortress in the distance, linked by a causeway that has seen better days.

Egyptian Trail


The modern exploration of ancient Egypt has inspired many an artist.



One thin about concept artists is they do not waste time thinking of names for their art. I guess this is the view out of the forest, looking to an ominous castle in the distance.



I think whales are great, but I would not like to be this diver.


See more at Nikolay Razuev’s ArtStation page.




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