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MtG artists: David Palumbo

David Palumbo made his Magic debut in the Alara block and his style is diverse but always colourful. Individual figures seem to be his strong suit, but this is the only kind of card illustration he does. Here are five of my favourites by him.

Deft Duellist

dpalumbo_deftduelistThis card featured in the original Alara block and remains one of my favourite character pieces in the game.

Lost in the Mist


This card with its more ethereal mood comes from the original Innistrad block.

Moorland Inquisitor


I can hear the voice over now: “it were always raining in Denly Moor”

Nimbus Naiad


From the Theros set this creature can be attached to one of your others as an enchantment or simply played as a creature by itself.

Totally Lost


The odd little character of Pblthp has a keen and devoted following among Magic players. This little figure has been photoshopped into many a strange place. Check out this image search for where is pblthp as an example.


See all cards illustrated by David Palumbo, or visit the artist’s website.


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