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A plethora of Magic

Wizards of the Coast have changed their approach to announcing new Magic products. It used to be that each products would be announced 3-6 months before release. Now they intend to do 2 announcements per year, with products up to 8 months away.

They announced this change with a long list of announced products:


It was nice to see that planeswalker Duel Decks are back, and the news that this year’s Commander set will feature four-colour commanders was welcome. The most interesting announcement to me was the new Kaladesh block. We saw some of the Kaladesh world in Magic Origins in 2015, but now we get the full taste. I previously speculated that Kaladesh would be a likely venue for the long-awaited appearance of contraptions. We’ll see on that. For now Wizards have shown us the art for a brand new Planeswaker. I look forward to meeting Saheeli Rai.




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