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2016 Blood Bowl box contents

The Blood Bowl release is getting closer, and thanks to their Facebooks page we can now see what will come in the box. Behold!


Looks nice, but how does this compare to the previous edition? Let’s take a look:


The most obvious change: the pitch is different. I’m not sure if Richard Wright did the new board as well as the old board, we’ll see. They certainly look comparable enough, but the overlay seems less apparent on the new board.

Each player’s score track has been moved from the board to their dugout, which is still represented by a card. The cards that sent over the dub out board have been replaced by plastic markers for recording the score and what turn it is. Also replaced by plastic markers are the old see-through plastic template for throwing, scattering, and the fan throw in. You can see solid plastic templates replacing them.

The teams are Orcs and Humans just as before. I think of these models as updates of the previous ones, with 20+ years of improvements in plastic miniatures evident in the changes.

It looks like there are two sets of blocking and injury dice, coloured for each team. We can also see the rulebook and cards for star players. It looks like each player type on the two teams has its own card now too, rather than the larger cards for the orc and human team seen last time round.

All in all this looks like being a solid update of a great game. Yes I intend buying this. 2016 will see me giving more money to Games Workshop than the last 7 years combined. I guess that means we can class me among the veteran players being brought back by this renewed focus on the specialist games side of things.



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