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Japan the Liberator, part 7 of 7

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Part 7: Liberation’s End

We finished the last part with Japan as one of only three remaining Civs, and only two of those have their capital, with Brazil being the other. We can’t see into Brazilian territory, but they are gradually losing cities to barbarian forces. It looks inevitable.

Japan’s challenge is to complete the liberation of Europe and now North Africa before Brazil falls, giving Japan the win by default.

The liberation railroad reaches Talianki as the Japanese Army Group North surges into the heartland of Europe. Army Group South must subdue the Levant before getting into Afria proper.

With Sidon burning there is one enemy camp to take care of before moving on. The new Drone UAV will make that easier. This is one of the new units from the Future Worlds mod, which extends the tech tree, proving for additional units, improvements, Wonders, and more.

Japanese Paratroopers liberate Paris as Europse continues to burn from the barbarian assaults.

Orleans follows as barbarian units take to the water to avoid the Japanese onslaught.

Japan founds Ise as the Suez Canal city, opening the doorway into Africa, starting with lands that were once Egyptian.

York falls to Army Group North, creating some strange cross-channel borders. The waters are not safe for Japanese units yet though.

Japanese forces receive a hurry up in the form of news that another Brazilian city has fallen. The barbarians are almost within reach of their capital.

Army Group South surges forward to take Thebes.

Time is running short for Japanese and Brazilians alike.

Army Group North crosses the channel and captures London.

Like the army, the liberation railroad has forked, moving both across Europe and across Asia Minor towards Africa.

Having secured the Egyptian cities, Army Group South capture Garama. Only the former Carthaginian lands remain in Barbarian hands.

The defences are formidable for anyone coming by sea, fortunately we are coming by land.

Army Group North takes Dublin, with Scotland and Ireland yet to be liberated.

Time is running short, as barbarian forces reach Rio de Janeiro!

A fierce fight breaks out in North Africa as Army Group South rushes to secure their objectives.

Army Group North conquers the British Isles before looping back across the North Sea towards Scandinavia. The sea crossings are draining precious time away from the army as their objectives looks like being a bridge too far.

Brazil cannot hold much longer…

Army Group South is about to take Hippo Regius! They might just make it! They think it’s all over!

It is now!

Rio has fallen, and the army groups have run out of time. They made a good go of it, but ultimately fell short of their liberation objective. Now we bid a fond farewell to Japan, and to Civ V for the time being. Total War: Warhammer is looming close on the horizon, assuming this computer can run it.





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