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A running start

Late last year I noted Games Workshop’s advertisements for staff to run a resurrected Specialst Games section. They have wasted no time in getting going. It looks like being an exciting year for lapsed GW customers who just needed the right (re)release to bring them back.

I may be talking about myself here.

First up we have Warhammer Quest, with a recent announcement soon to be followed by a release:


The game comes with 50 miniatures including 6 heroes to traverse the silver tower. New players may find something to get to grips with while old players may simply find some new boards to add to their existing Warhammer Quest dungeon pieces. Also featured are some of the best beastmen models I have seen.

Exhibit B is Blood Bowl. We have seen some art and teams on their Facebook page. Recently images of the figures at scale have been seen, both painted an unpainted. The miniatures this time around come in blue for the humans and green for the orcs, as seen below:


GW have also confirmed that these rules will be essentially the same as the most recent rules update (2010 if memory serves). The Blood Bowl rules have served a thriving community for many years and its nice to see them not change for the sake of it.

This year has brought Specialist Games back with a swing and a crunch. Will there be another Warhammer Quest type announcement, or must we be content with that and Blood Bowl as the new games releases for 2016? I consider myself quite content indeed.


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