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Civilzation VI announced

I’m only 1800 hours into playing Civilization V, and they are already announcing the next game in the series? Unbelievable! This may not be a common concern. The announcement video is light on details. I assume this is the loading video. Only one detail emerges; the release date of October 21, 2016. Set your calendars.

I hope you like new art styles too, because this one is quite a change. Here’s one of the three screenshots released so far:


Everything looks brighter in this new version. We can see the Pyramids and Great Lighthouse, and for some reason there is a normal lighthouse right next to that? Without labels the screen is difficult to read, but it looks like the normal features of plains, grasslands, hills, forest, and mountain are all present.

We’ll doubtless see more details over the coming months. There are only two items on my Civ VI wishlist: Observer mode, to make it easy to set up and run AI games, and some support for nomadic civs. Settled cities aren’t the only way to develop, and nomadic lifestyles existed well into the 19th century as a viable way of life. In Civ though, you are expected to build a city in 4000BCE and move forward from there.


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