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MtG artists: Alan Pollack

Alan Pollack is another member of the 100 club, something I just made up that includes all artists who have illustrated 100 or more cards for Magic: the Gathering. He had illustrated cards for over a decade now, doing a few cards each year to build up quite the catalogue.

Ambush Viper


This snake can take your opponent by surprise, and its venom means creatures don’t want to tangle with it. Just like a real viper!

Decree of Justice


Depending how you use it, this card will produce either Angel tokens or Soldier tokens for you to batter your opponent with. Alan Pollack art on this promotional version shows both.

Mirror of Fate


It appears the fate is to be trapped in the mirror.

Palladium Myr


This myr appeared in the Scars of Mirrodin set, representing a world that would soon be no more.



The orientation of this art reflects its status as another promotional cards, this time on a art occupying all of the card, rather than a square in the top half.


See all cards illustrated by Alan Pollack, or visit the artist’s website.


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