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Japan the Liberator, part 6 of 7

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Part 6: Get Liberated!

The liberation has begun… almost. A couple of city states are allowed to breathe free once more, while the Japanese army trudges across Central Asia, eager to bring freedom to those oppressed masses to the west. At sea, naval battles around Kuala Lumpur went on far longer than expected and progress has been stalled on the watery front. Japan only has until the last two civs fall to complete the liberation, and Brazil and the Aztecs are the last two standing.

The liberation railroad needs liberation towns too, if only to provide the Japanese air force a way of crossing the large distances over land.

The army races ahead of the construction crews, with Attila’s Court now in sight.

They need to hit the accelerator. Manaus falls, and Brazilian forces don’t look likely to recapture it soon.

The army got the memo and Attila’s Court falls into Japanese hands. I mean, when I said liberated I didn’t mean returned to the original owners. You knew that, right? I fought for it, and it’s mine now, because I want it. Freedom!

The Aztec capital falls into the red, reminding us that freedom needs to get a move on.

Bellona falls and is set alight. This is the other side of liberation. If I don’t want the city, then it’s going to burn. We had to destroy Bellona in order to save it.

The Aztec capital falls, leaving that civ with one city, nestled close to Japanese lands.

After a series of naval victories, Kuala Lumpur is looking safe.

Did I say safe? Because I meant… not that.

Japan’s army creeps westwards, but coordination is becoming a problem over the increasing distances.

Another Brazilian city falls. Clearly, the barbarians are on the march with Brazil unable to stop them.

The railroad is still under construction, but the addition of air power should help speed up liberation efforts into Europe.

The liberation of city states continues with Sri Lanka. The navy were originally supposed to handle this one, but did you see that earlier screenshot around Kuala Lumpur?

Japanese forces crash into the barbarian artillery line in the forests of Russia.

East proves easier than West for the Japanese navy as a splinter forces crosses the Pacific to liberate Vancouver. Apparently we are the first civ they have met, even with the Shoshone capital right next door? Guys, you have to get out more.

A daring city capture sees Constantinople wrested from barbarian hands. Fortunately there are no barbarian units nearby to retake the city. These newly upgraded mechanised infantry should not be risked unduly. That was fun though. Logistically the army has divided in two. Army Group North will continue with the liberation of Europe, while Army Group South will tackle the Balkans, Asia Minor, and the Levant before moving into North Africa.

Brazil loses another inland city to the jungle insurgency.

The liberation railroad is still yet to reach Attila’s Court, slowing the arrival of reinforcements for the two Army Groups.

Warsaw falls to a combination of air and land power as the barbarians attempt to form yet another defensive line.

One Japanese vessel breaks across the Indian Ocean to find that Mogadishu doesn’t need any help. We’re fine, thank-you, everything’s fine here… how are you?

The railroad workers finish their break and get on with things at their own pace.

Istanbul proves a daring capture too far, as barbarian Riflemen lurk on the city outskirts.

The city falls, destroying the mechanised infantry in a huge blow to Army Group South and Japanese morale. That wasn’t simply a unit, but a force representing an unbroken chain back through the noble Samurai right back to Japan’s original island warriors so many years ago. All lost now in the fires of Istanbul.

Advance units of Army Group North reach the fallen city of Wittenburg.

After the disaster at Istanbul, Army Group South captures and annexes Athens. giving them a base for more units to emerge from. That railroad is taking far too long.

Wittenburg’s liberation reveals another city state claiming to have met no one else. I mean, you were surrounded by civs, I don’t see how that is possible.

The barbarian conquest of Brazil continues.

Army Group North reaches France and a large barbarian army.

What the? Where did you come from?

I learned something today. If you liberate a city state that was previously annexed by Venice, you are liberating Venice, not the city state. That wasn’t part of the plan Dandolo, and you will have to go.

France is burning, both the cities and the countryside. Army Group North is making good progress though. From here to the British Isles, then loop back to take Scandinavia.

I learned something else today. If you capture a city state that was taken by Venice, you can burn that city state down. Sidon gets the other kind of liberation, the one that comes with a burning sensation.

Both Army Groups are in a race against time, trying to liberate Europe and North Afrcia before Brazil and the Aztecs fall. Will they be successful? Wait for the final part to find out!


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