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Warhammer Quest is back… but not as we knew it

A short video appeared from Games Workshop recently:

Warhammer Quest is coming back! GW have been inconsistent with their advance notice on their non-core games. With Blood Bowl we received about a year’s notice with some figures seen and a Facebook presence to build awareness.

With Warhammer Quest we get a short video two weeks prior to release day showing art but no game components.

In its day Warhammer Quest was a well-loved RPG-slash-board game set in the Warhammer World. I should point out that its day was 1996 and the Warhammer world has changed significantly since then. This new version is unlikely to be a re-presentation and is more likely to be a single self-contained adventure. This isn’t Warhammer Quest, this is Warhammer Quest: the Silver Tower. Presumably if it sells well enough we shall see other adventures released.

While I know nothing about the game other than its name and existence I should point out that GW have done more to win me back as a customer this year than in any of the five years previous. They may well have succeeded.




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