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Japan the Liberator, part 5 of 7

Part 5: The world that fell

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At the end of part 4, just three out of twenty-two civilizations remained in the game. Along with Japan, the Aztecs and Brazil still hold out. Europe and North Afrcia were home to many civilizations but they all fell to the barbarian armies.

The race against time is on. Can Japan liberate Europe before Brazil and the Aztecs fall? The Aztec capital is coming under pressure already.

The city state of Cape Town falls. Japan’s mainland frontiers are quiet for now, but new armies must be built for the liberation.

The navy explores further west to discover the city of Kuala Lumpur free, but under pressure from barbarian naval forces.

Naval discovery will take too long if the forces around K-L are any guide. Thanks to a couple of Great Scientists near the capital, research has increased until we stand on the cusp of Satellites. Once this tech is discovered, the entire map will be revealed. What shall we find?

We find a world dominated by barbarian black, especially in Europe. Look at those domains! The closest capital to Japanese lands is Attila’s Court, which is not close. It is here that the liberation shall begin.

The cities of Europe seem to have been spaces perfectly to allow the barbarians to capture one before moving on to the other.

In Scandinavia the story seems much the same.

Eastern Europe and the Balkans lay quiet under the barbarian boot. These are the lands Japan must free.

The scene in the Eastern Mediterranean is similarly grim. Most civilizations seem to have managed to settle just one extra city before being overrun.

The Nile remains undeveloped in barbarian Egypt.

In North Africa the lands of Carthage and the Garamantes (a modded civ) also fell. At least Carthage managed to found more than one city.

Several cities in France show the comparative success of that civ. The English managed to settle in Spain, but this could not save them.

The British Isles show where England and the Celts spread before being overwhelmed by barbarian invaders. Again.

A ray of sunshine in eastern Africa where a pair of city states have held out.

Further south Madagascar remains disputed territory.

Australia is a favourite spot for barbarian cities to sprout. Out of the frame of this image, the city state of Melbourne is also a barbarian city now.

A shot of Central America shows that the capital is the only city remaining to the Aztecs.

In the North American heartland, the Shoshone people did not last long enough to settle a second city.

At first glance, the Brazilian lands seem secure, spread out around South America from their capital.

At second glance, perhaps they are not so secure. Brazilia is under attack. Can the centre hold?

In the Caribbean, two city states have benefited from being between two extant civs.

Japanese forces start to gather for the long march of liberation. The army will need to get bigger.

The naval battles around Kuala Lumpur heat up. That Japanese Destroyer is an upgraded Privateer and retains the ability to capture ships. Where possible these captures are turned over to the city state ally, but this can only happen once every three turns. The other ships are either waiting their turn or else sent straight back into the fray.

The Destroyer cannot operate unhindered against these numbers. A Submarine prowls the waters to the north, trying to stem the tide.

Japan’s first new city lies atop its major work effort – the liberation railway. This will speed military and civilian movements and if all goes according to play it will run from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts.

Speaking of turning the tide, the Aztec capital looks more secure now than it has for some time. Can the Aztecs capitalise (ha!) on this and recapture a city?

A new barbarian fleet is spotted to the north of Kuala Lumpur. Japan might need more than one Destroyer in these waters.

The liberation effort has begun, but is yet to yield any liberated cities. Kuala Lumpur remains touch and go, and the naval battles continue. The liberation railroad and some new cities snake their way across Asia but are yet to approach Attila’s Court.

Join me for part 6 as the liberation begins in earnest.



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