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ArtStation stop: Eytan Zana

Eytan Zana illustrates some great landscape pieces of all types. I have a selection here that shows how he creates some great scenes using contrast and an often limited set of colours.

The Fallen God


This piece uses the time-honoured ‘bird-for-scale’ technique to show something is larger than you might think.

The forest giant


While these first tow images don’t form a before-and-after piece, the theme is similar, of giant humanoids dominating the landscape. Here we have normal sized viewers in the foreground, and we could easily be one of them, clinging to the thorns on the right. Bonus points for spotting the birds around the monster’s waist!

Golgari Guldgate


This piece was done for Magic: the Gathering and shows the entrance to an underground catacomb.

The approaching army


We don’t see the army in this piece, just their shadows projected onto the stone by a setting sun.

The Orb


Here we move into science fiction with an astronaut encountering something that may not have formed naturally.


You can see more of Eytan Zana’s great landscapes at his ArtStation page.


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