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Japan the Liberator, part 4 of 7

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Polynesia will have to go. That was the conclusion from their behaviour so far. They aren’t going to stop their pesky settling ways, so we’ll have to stop them. Also, we have a new neighbour now:

Scoping Honolulu, which looks extremely vulnerable to Japan’s new Frigates.

An hello to you too! We were starting to wonder if we were all alone in the world, except for Polynesia. Speaking of…

They had to go. Really.

With the Polynesian annoyance dealt with, Japan turns its attention back to the defence of its own lands. Inland settling proceeds well, but the attacks continue.

The Aztecs lose the city of Texcoco, and NIku Hiva isn’t looking too good should the barbarians send more than a single Trebuchet against it.

Turns out the barbarians had similar plans to Japan, but their invasion fleet arrive to find the city firmly in the hands of the Liberator. The Japanese fleet is hastily recalled to ensure this remains the case.

The Aztec capital looks safe, even as they lose another city.

Japanese Cavalry scouts (thanks Ancient Ruins!) uncover a barbarian city close to Japanese lands. Further afield the city of Hippo Regius falls.

Eidsvoll. Is that a Swedish or Norwegian city? Norway were one of the modded civs that could have appeared in this game.

Honolulu has taken some damage, but ultimately the Japanese fleet is a match for the barbarians. For now…

The Aztec capital is being threatened too.

The barbarian fleet keeps its distance from Honolulu, having learned to fear the Japanese guns. Somewhere far away a city called Nottingham falls.

Japanese infrastructure development is a funny thing. Straight to railroads, with  no passing through roads first. All the initial cities were coastal, and the inland developments came late enough that it seemed easier to just wait for the iron way.

Japanese forces push west and liberate the city of Kathmandu.

Presumably this is Delhi, which fell so quickly Kathmandu never met them.

It was.

Delhi is puppeted, and this will be the case for any non-city state, assuming I wish to keep it on the map.

The city of Edinburgh falls! Is there a city left in Europe now?

Tours was free, but now is not. Japanese Lancers continue their scouting mission.

Cardiff falls too. Japanese lands are now firmly guarded and safe.

With stability comes growth. For Japan at least. That list of other civs on the right is shrinking.

Japanese scouts reach the fallen city of Kabul. Speaking of falling, Oslo goes the way of the rest of Europe. Looks like it was Norway in the game.

No, Sweden were in the game too. With that, only four remain.

Another Pacific neighbour!

Venice were the other mystery Civ. Now only Japan, the Aztecs, and Brazil remain.

As the last light goes out in Europe, the fire of ambition flares in Japan. Our new goal : liberate Europe before winning the game by default!



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