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MtG artists: Alex Horley

Alex Horley, also credited as Alex Horley-Orlandelli, has illustrated over 100 cards for Magic: the Gathering. His bold colours and style remind me of Frank Frazetta, and judging from comments I have seen around the web, it’s not just me.

Here are five of my favourites:

Azorius First-Wing


This creature has protection from enchantments, and ability which is sometimes useful, and sometimes annoying.

Custodi Squire


From 2015’s Conspiracy set, this warrior stands ready to defend, assuming that sword isn’t too heavy to lift.

Dream Leash


This enchantment allows you to gain control of an opponent’s creature. Naturally, you should always go for their largest creature…

Keldon Marauders


These fading fanatics will be with you for a good time, not a long time.

Possessed Centaur


The Torment set had a cycle of ‘possessed’ creatures, and this is my favourite, art-wise. Between the shadows on the right and the reflection on the left, we can see the creature this centaur is about to turn into.


See all cards illustrated by Alex Horley, or visit the artist’s website.


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