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Japan the liberator, part 2 of 7

Read Part 1 here.

Part 2: Expansion

We left off in part 1 with the Polynesians surrounding Japan, but then having their cities in turn captured by the barbarian hordes.

Another city falls in the east, and I won’t try and pronounce the name.

Another city falls (is this getting repetitive?) as Japanese forces attempt to remove barbarians from their own lands. Forget moving on those former Polynesian cities. Right now, they are moving on us.

Japan is gradually cleared but in Europe the situation looks grim with the fall of Lodz. It would seem the barbarians are able to use each city they take as a springboard to the next. Whatever countries are in Europe, they will need to join together and form a defensive line. Odds of that, anyone?

Sidon falls. The sea of Japan remains filled with pirates, and Machu Picchu nears completion.

Niku Hiva falls, leaving a trifecta of barbarian cities around Japanese territory. The time has come to expand and strike back. It won’t be enough to simply burn out the cities, we must also stop the Polynesians from settling these lands again. Also, some iron would be nice.

First order of business is to rescue a worker, repair those burning camps, and stop barbarian troops from crossing the seas. I guess that is three first orders right there.

Next, our newly minted Japanese pikemen help the push east. With no iron for Swordsmen (or Samurai!) they are the best we have.

The Ottoman city of Edirne falls as Japan’s slow push north continues.

The slow push north turns into a fast retreat south for the outnumbered Japanese forces.

The seas swarm with pirate vessels as little progress is made in north or east.

Land forces pause after taking the Korean peninsula. A new Galleass promises to swing the balance of power on the seas in Japan’s favour. Look, the barbarians have swordsmen and we have none. Goody. Let’s hope they all decide to put to sea.

They mostly did, and the second Galleass settles things firmly in Japan’s favour.

The seas are not entirely secure, and with the threat of barbarian raiders on the sea still high, the army decides on a slow march north. Barbarians ride out to meet them.

Tonga is captured and set alight. May you never blight our shores again! Galleass bombardment plus a brave pikeman gave Japan an assured victory. On the home islands a lone warriors looks enviously at the barbarian swordsmen across the water.

The best way to keep a peninsula secure of to locate a city there, and so Tokyo is settled as Japan’s third city. Workers move in to secure the luxury resources. Amber for everyone!

Lots going on here. The Greek city of Argos falls somewhere far away (Greece, probably) while barbarian attacks continue near Tokyo. More Japanese settlers move in, confident of their army’s ability to protect them. Also moving in; another Polynesian settler. Gah!

Japan’s fourth city is founded in what is effectively a war zone. Look over there, some iron! Totally worth it, assuming the city holds.

Tokyo’s borders expand, and the city is now looking like a secure location in Japan’s heartland. Not long ago this was fiercely contested territory.

It seems neither the barbarians nor the Polynesians have forgotten this, as both move forces in to settle or fight. You know what guys? Just pay attention to each other, why don’t you.

Judging from the news in Europe, the barbarians’ steady advance continues there. In Japan the Notre Dame cathedral nears completion. Eat that, Paris! Assuming you are here.

Japan is top of the research ladder, but does not have a runaway lead.

With the push east successful for now, the north can be returned to. Initial gains are slow, as those warriors are simply of no use right now. That iron cannot come soon enough.

A third Galleass tilts things in Japan’s favour as a few forces move up from Korea to take Niku Hiva, while the ruins of the first city still smoulder.

Niku Hiva falls, and it too is burned. If there were iron there I may have kept it, but no.

Tonga (again) falls to the barbarians (again) and looks ripe to be taken and burned (again).

But first Tokyo must cope with a sudden naval assault. Japan’s navy is still in the north,  guarding the ruins of Niku Hiva.

The naval assault looks impressive, but will not last long with a Japanese Caravel entering the fray.

The lands around Satsuma are not completely secure, but they are secure enough to have a god at mining that precious iron.

Pikemen and Caravel combine to capture Tonga (again). In Europe, Wittenburg falls, indicating the barbarians are well into central Europe now, heading for the Atlantic coast.

It’s mine! The iron is all mine! That is why they call it a mine!

A Samurai stands proudly in the north of the home islands. What is there to do?

Ah yes. The Polynesians found yet another city on Japan’s doorstep. I hope you lose it to the barbarians again. In Europe, Sparta falls.

You lost it. Part 2 finishes much as it began. The relentless barbarian march through Europe contiunes, and there is an ex-Polynesian city on our doorstep. The difference here is more advanced technology, iron, and two additional cities.

Join me soon for part 3 as Japan’s expansion and Europe’s woes continue.




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