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Japan the liberator, part 1 of 7

This tale arose from a Civ 5 game I completed recently, and I’ll retell it over the next few weeks.



I selected Japan, and my intention is to keep to myself until I discover satellites and can explore the world.

I am using a series of mods, primarily the Barbarians Evolved mod. This makes the barbarians into a serious threat to human and AI players alike, and I want to see how the AI can cope.

Prominent mods used are:

Yet (not) Another Earth Map Pack – I like playing on planet earth

Barbarians Evolved – this increases the threat

Additional luxuries and additional pantheons – this adds 9 new luxuries to the game along with pantheons that use them

Modded civs: There are a number of these, but I have set the civs to random. Some will be used, others won’t. We’ll discover them as we play.

Let us begin! Clicking on any of the images will open them in a new tab.

Part 1


Starting with Mt Fuji in my land in great, but having an encampment right there is less ideal. At least it is range of city defensive fire.


With the immediate threat seen off, the warriors heal before setting off to explore once more.


The borders of Kyoto expand rapidly thanks to the boost of Culture that comes from Mt Fuji. The first AI civ loses its capital, but possibly to another civ rather than to the barbarians.


Oh, hello. I am not a fan of Kamehameha when playing as Japan; he always likes to forward settle me, building his cities close to (or on!) my islands where he can. Polynesia can cross oceans from the start of the game, a very useful ability when it comes to settling the coastlines of the Pacific.


Memphis is a Egyptian city, so with our news runners we can see which other civs are in the game before we meet them. Of course, should they fall, we will never meet them.


I decided to create pairs of each available military unit, which at this point means two warriors. They push north, discovering yet another barbarian encampment, along with some Polynesian explorers.


The Great Library is built before I have even discovered Writing! Time to sit in the corner and think about what I did.


No, it wasn’t Egypt who lost their capital first, as they lose their capital now. The barbarians are off to a good start, but will it continue? I have found in the past where civs are far apart they tend to remain isolated and fall. Where two or more begin close together they can often protect each other, on purpose or not, and at least manage to survive.

Random is not the same as evenly spread, so there will be clusters of civs in some places and elsewhere large tracts of land given over to the barbarians.


Japan’s brave warriors surround the enemy camp in the north. Soon it will trouble these island no more.


With the camp cleared, a Japanese settler moves up to occupy the land. In North Africa the barbarians continue their conquests with the Carthaginian city of Hippo Regius.


Osaka is founded, and the newly-minted Japanese navy moves to clear our rightful waters of the hateful barbarians. I wonder if there is a mod that renames them to gaijin?


Attila’s Court often sits alone of the edge of the steppe, making it a clear target for barbarians. So it proves here. Usually the city is too far from anyone else to be a good base of operations.


Japan’s borders expand further, as we discover another camp in the Korean peninsula. Looks like Korea was not generated in this game.Japan founds Shinto, because of course.


As the Japanese navy explores westwards, the quantum of barbarians is reveal. Hopefully they won’t all jump in their boats at the same time.  You know what I haven’t seen yet? Iron. I could really use iron.


The navy clears the seas of invaders, but one got through. Warriors are swiftly dispatched. A Polynesian settler takes advantage of the lessening barbarian threat. This is the problem with being proactive; you essentially rescue AI civs and give them breathing room.

From lands far away comes news that Bellona has fallen. This is from the modded Cucuteni civilization, basically located between Attila’s Court and Europe. Perhaps that base of operations is useful after all.


He’s done it again! Osaka’s expanding borders reveal Polynesian shenanigans to the north. Polynesian shenanigans. Say that three times quickly.


Japan is being boxed in north and west. Still, the barbarians are having a good go at Tonga. It may not hold.


It didn’t. The problem is not gone, just changed. Instead of a Polynesia city there’s a barbarian city. Attacks from the sea will probably increase. This city will have to go.


As soon as possible. The seas are turning black and red with embarked barbarian units. Elsewhere in the world another civ loses their capital, possibly to Boudicca rather than the barbarians. So, the Celts are in this game.


Another Cucuteni city falls. The Japanese is unchallenged for now, but the army simply cannot get across quickly enough to address the real problem.


This won’t hurt. Additional movement and line of sight for all naval units.


At least one civ exists in North America, or did exist I should say, as the Shoshoni fall to the barbarians.


A broader view of the sea reveals yet more sea.


Another Polynesian city (presumably Samoa) falls to the barbarians on my borders. Are they doing this on purpose. Also naval exploration reveals a third Polynesia city. What is this?


The Cucuteni capital city falls too. The barbarians are truly on the march and on the rise. Can Japan possibly hold on? Read part 2 to find out!


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