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MtG artists: Thomas M. Baxa

Thomas Baxa is another artist in the 100 club – he has illustrated over 100 cards for Magic: the Gathering. These days his art appears less often, and mostly as reprints. Still, there are plenty of images here to enjoy:

Gluttonous Zombie


This art from the Onslaught set has captivated me for a while. I even attempted to paint up some zombie ogres back in the day to try and mimic this artwork. The models were sold years ago now, though.

Maelstrom Wanderer


This is a popular legendary creature in the Commander format. I think this is also the most recent work Baxa has done for Magic.

Old Ghastbark


This art from the Shadowmoor set shows an evil-looking treefolk slowly wandering hte landscape.

Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep


This imposing house of demon-summoning ogres appears in Kamigawa. It would probably be better to stay out in the snow.

Soulless One


This zombie gains strength from each other zombie in play and every zombie in a graveyard. He gets strong quickly.


See all cards illustrated by Thomas M. Baxa or visit the artist’s website.


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