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Games Workshop’s painting videos

You may not be in the habit of checking GWs YouTube channel, however the painting videos from there have built up over the last few years into an impressive library that will help most painters improve or pick up tips.

Many videos deal with painting the company’s latest release, such as this Fyreslayer:

These are fine if you have just bought the latest release. I like them mainly for the opportunity to get a good look at the model in question. While I’m barely a customer any more – I think my purchases last year amounted to 2 pots of paint, for those who are these videos provide a decent chance to look before you leap into the latest release.

The ones I like best show off techniques that can be applied across models and ranges, and these are useful for all painters (IMO).

As with the model videos these focus on the company’s product, but as in this example below, a video showing how to apply shades if useful for many painters.

Finally there is my current favourite detailing their newest product – the left-handed paint brush.

Yes, this was uploaded on 1 April!




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