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Shadows over Innistrad art review

Shadows over Innistrad is our second visit to the place of things that go bump in the night. This time around there are new horrors to explore along with some great resonance to the art of the first Innistrad set.

Avacyn, the Purifier


The main change of this set is that the angels who previously protected the humans of Innistrad have now turned against them. Their once white wings now drip with the blood of the slain. This is led by the Archangel Avacyn, and no one knows why. This art by James Ryman shows Avancyn in her new fury.

Declaration in Stone


There is more than just Avacyn’s change going on. The planeswalker Nahiri blames the planeswalker Sorin for the recent Eldrazi rampage across her home plane of Zendikar. In revenge she is doing… something to Innistrad. This art shows what happens when a powerful mage with the ability to manipulate stone visits Sorin’s ancestral stone hall. Markov manor will ever be the same again. Art by Tyler Jacobson.



Innistrad is home to many spirits, some benign, some benevolent, others mischievous or malevolent. Did that rhyme? Anyway, Seb McKinnon’s art above shows one of the more mischievous spirits tipping over a candle.

Relentless Dead


This is the first of two ‘resonant’ artworks from Shadows over Innistrad. It is a sequel to a card from the original set, called Endless Ranks of the Dead. Have a look below:


Zombies move slowly and it seems to have taken from afternoon to evening to reach through the window and into the church.

Sigarda, Heron’s Grace


It may be possible that one angel still protects the humans under her watch, and that angel is Sigarda. She certainly looks darker than in her previous art, so we will see which side of the conflict she falls on. Art by Chris Rahn, who also illustrated Sigarda in the first Innistrad block.


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