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500 articles

I received an unexpected message from WordPress after posting last week’s article about the DeepWars Kickstarter. That was my 500th article on Scent of a Gamer.

Articles have covered a fairly broad range of topics all united under the theme of gaming. Computer games, miniatures, cards, dice, board games. All these are fair game. Art tends to be a recurring theme of mine, there is so much good game art around these days, why not talk about it?

500 is a good milestone to look back and see what articles have been popular over the three and a bit years of this blog. Here are the top 5 articles (by views) over the life of Scent of a Gamer:

 1. Good box, bad box (12,460 views, published December 2014)


By far the most popular article on the blog. This one was linked to Reddit and inspired quite the discussion about what people do and don’t like about board game boxes. There are many who prefer the empty box model, so they can simply put everything in bags for set up. I like a good insert myself, but everyone agreed there is nothing worse than an insert that doesn’t hold all the components.

2. Figments of Brilliance: My Nils Hamm card collection (2,442 views, published May 2015)


Nils Hamm is my favourite Magic: the Gathering artist, and so I have one of each card he has illustrated. As each new set is released I pore over the spoilers to see if there are any new cards to add.

3. One thousand, two hundred and seventy-four (2,264 views, published January 2016)


My holiday project of dragging every miniature I have painted (that I still own) out of storage and taking a massive group photo proved popular with other gamers. This is probably something I will repeat, but when I reach 2,000 miniatures or some other numerical milestone, so don’t hold your breath.

4. God Wills It! Christian factions in SAGA Crescent and Cross (2,383 views, published September 2014)


My review of the new SAGA factions released with Crescent and Cross proved popular over the long term, racking up the views over the years since publication. The twin post reviewing the Muslim factions has around 80% the views of this one, leaving it outside the top 5 by about 50 views.

5. 5 Simple rules for selling your Magic: the Gathering collection (1,797 views, published December 2014)


I write this article as a response to many repetitive questions of people wanting to sell their Magic cards, and how best to go about it. It has proven consistently popular.


So the top 5 span most of what I write about on the blog. Computer games are the one missing subject, which amuses me, since on this internet site computer games are the least interesting subject to readers. Tabletop games and miniatures are far more popular.

I think the real take home lesson is that original content is what people want to see. Whether this is reviews, guides, opinion, or simply images of something out of the ordinary, this is the content that draws a crowd. Posting about content elsewhere, such as crowdfunding projects, is useful from time to time but will never be my focus. Original content though, I shall have to develop more of that, and something different too.

What do I have in store for the next 500 articles? You’ll have to wait and see!





2 comments on “500 articles

  1. Azazel
    March 26, 2016

    Well done mate – and congratulations on an impressive milestone. I have to agree with your assessment as well – your original content is what interests me the most.

  2. Ann Wycoff
    March 27, 2016

    Congratulations, that is quite a nice milestone.

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