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Two mistakes to avoid when you start out in miniatures painting

A recent article on Tabletop Game and Hobby highlighted two frequent mistakes made by people new to painting. I still find myself occasionally making the second one, and it never works out.

  1. Use decent materials

It doesn’t cost the earth to gather decent supplies in terms of paints and brushes. However the items worth using cost more than those not worth using, just like anywhere else. Yu don’t need to go gold-plated, but don’t scrimp on quality.


A variety of brand will serve you well. Games Workshop, Vallejo, Reaper, or Army Painter will all do very well. Get your paint brushes from an art supplies shop and go one or two sizes bigger than you think you need. I started out using a size 1 for my 28mm models, these days a size 3 does almost everything I need.


2. Paint because you want to, not because you think you have to

There is no quicker way to a catastrophe of a paint job than to paint something because you feel obligated, or you simply pick a model or box out without thinking it through. Know what you want your colour scheme to come out like, and don’t paint the models until you really want to. This way a time-consuming task becomes an enjoyable hobby.


Read the full article on Tabletop Game and Hobby.


5 comments on “Two mistakes to avoid when you start out in miniatures painting

  1. imperialrebelork
    March 19, 2016

    I never used to enjoy the painting part, mostly because I didn’t have the patience to learn technique when I was younger. I’ve grown to really enjoy it now and because I do enjoy the technique has improved. I think anyway.

    • davekay
      March 19, 2016

      I find the reasons why I paint have changed. I used to paint in order to have an army to compete in a tournament. Now I paint because I want to.

      • imperialrebelork
        March 19, 2016

        Modelling and converting is still number one for me but pairing really does bring the model to life.

  2. heretic30k
    March 19, 2016

    I paint to relax – I find it a great way to put my brain into neutral after a long day at work. I used to love playing computer games when younger, but as great a brain candy experience as it is ultimately doesn’t tend to be a good way of unwinding.

  3. Ruins of Arotha
    March 20, 2016

    I’ve found now that I’ve got a couple of complete armies under my belt I’m a lot more relaxed about painting my models. It used to be such a crisis that I never had a finished army, and I still look back at a lot of my models and think to myself that one day I’ll tidy them up, but realistically there’s not much point. They are what they are and I’m happy with them. It may also be an age thing. I’m 30 now and am a lot more patient and skilled at painting models.

    I think setting a certain happy medium with your painting style is the way to go. Go for the ‘tabletop ready’ standard instead of the Golden Daemon masterpiece and you’ll find you have a fairly decent looking army without much effort. I will say that I think the new Citadel painting guides and range have helped a lot too though, because before I never knew what colours shaded well or highlighted etc and it’s kinda helped decide colour schemes. The GW youtube page is helpful as well.

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