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Joining Warhammer and Total War

The Warhammer: Total War game was announced some time ago. I even got to play a battle!

A recent developer post brings to light a few of the considerations behind this game, and how it will differ from others in the series.

The main difference is that this game will be the first to have non-human actors. Seems obvious, but this is a real departure from the series. The second difference, and the one that has everyone talking, is that factions cannot capture any region on the map.

This is a larger difference and something that has been available in every other game. Warhammer is different.

In this game the developers have taken some time to consider the background and how that means the races will interact with one another. Orcs will be able to raid deep into empire lands, burning and pillaging as they go. What Orcs can’t do is occupy a human city, settle down, and start taxing the citizens. Didn’t happen in Warhammer, won’t happen here.

Chaos and Norsca are raiding factions and can never occupy regions, but they can certainly lay waste and must always be considered when moving forces; as in Warhammer these will be an ever-present threat.

This leaves the Empire and the Vampire Counts to fight over human lands, while the Dwarf and Greenskin factions battle over the badlands and mountain holds, as shown on the map:


It seems there will be more differences to this game than simply layering the Warhammer license over the existing Total War engine.


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