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Best. Reveal. Ever

Wizards of the Coast love to tease their fans about upcoming sets, cards, and returning characters.

We recently received a taste of all three when a new Conspiracy set was recently announced. For those who missed the first one, Conspiracy was a stand-alone set that mixed reprints and new cards. It was designed specifically for draft and contained a number of new cards that had special abilities that only functioned during the draft.

The setting of the game as new and saw a number of characters vying for control in the city of Paliano, including Brago, the spirit king.

Players loved the set, and there have been frequent questions about a sequel.

Here was out first announcement, and art:



So far, so good. Conspiracy is back, and Brago along with it.

However, the next day, this image was tweeted from one of Wizards’ accounts:


Suddenly things aren’t looking good for the king eternal!

Next we received the actual set announcement, with a different name and art:



The number of cards in the set was also revised from the original announcement, from 221 cards to 220.

But there’s a twist! That wasn’t the real announcement either! Announcing Conspiracy: Take the Crown





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