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MtG artists: Pete Venters

With over 250 cards bearing his name, it is unlikely that you have missed seeing one of Pete Venter’s cards. His specialities are goblins and linked artwork that tells a story across two or more cards. My selection shows both.

Goblin War Strike


A classic piece of Venters’ art, showing a horde of goblins unleashing their fury.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker


Instead of the horde, this piece shows us a single goblin, a legendary character from the Kamigawa setting.

Mistvein Borderpost


The Alara Reborn set has a series of borderpost artifacts. They showed the barriers between the once separate shards of Alara failing.

Hoarder’s Greed


Back to the goblins we go with this, the first of a two-card linked piece from the Lorwyn set. This boggart is keeping the treasure to himself, a terrible crime among the goblins of Lorwyn.

Exiled Boggart


And here we see the consequences as the boggart is denied a place in his tribe. I love how Venters has captured the goblin’s sad, wistful expression.


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