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MtG artists: Christopher Moeller

Chris Moeller has quietly been one of the more prolific Magic artists, with hundreds of illustrations to his name. I like his art but it’s not easy to find good quality images of his work online. Here are five of the best I could find:

Higure, the Still Wind


The ninja of Kamigawa were a welcome addition to Magic many years ago. Higure was the legendary ninja, illustrated here being caught in the act. Maybe not as stealthy as he could be?

Lightning Bolt


When this iconic card from Magic’s first set was reprinted a few years ago, Wizards chose Chris Moeller to illustrate the card. It proved a good choice, with new art that outdoes (in my opinion) the old.



The faeries of Lorwyn are a pesky lot, as seen here in the art for Pestermite. The faerie and her sting colourfully occupy the foreground, with the giant victim filling the background with muted tones.



This art shows a mage resting behind a magical barrier. Perhaps she can find some pants while she is there. Because she needs pants.

Sphere of Reason


Sphere of Reason is the blue card in a cycle of five spheres from the Odyssey set. I have all five cards in a folder, because I like all the arts. They are difficult to find online through, this one is the best I could do.


See all cards illustrated by Christopher Moeller, or visit the artist’s website.


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