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MtG artists: Ralph Horsley

Ralph Horsley is better known for his art outside of Magic: the Gathering though he has produced a number of excellent cards over the years. Many sets in Magic feature one or two cards with his art.

Brighthearth Banneret


This was part of a cycle of five banneret creatures that made creatures of two types cheaper to cast. The Brighthearth Banneret made elementals and warriors cheaper. Ralph Horsley illustrated all five cards in the cycle.

Cruel Ultimatum


This art is more notable for the shadow than for the figure. It shows the dragon Nicol Bolas, who was later revealed as the villain of the set. In this instance he is showing a demon of Grixis that there is always a greater power.

Fathom Seer


I like this art as much for the angler fish as for the main figure.

Howling Mine


Back in the day, Wizards would let fans vote on card art by choosing which of two sketches they would like to see made into final card art. This Howling Mine art was chosen based on a sketch and turned out to be a great choice.

Nylea’s Presence


This is not a land card but shows the enchanted presence of one of the gods of Theros on the landscape around her.


See all Magic cards illustrated by Ralph Horsley, or visit the artist’s DeviantArt page.


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