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New Blood Bowl miniatures spotted

I was not expecting to write this kind of update. New Blood Bowl figures have been spotted from GW, heralds of a new edition of that great game.

The current edition of Blood Bowl, sixth I believe, is itself an iteration of the 3rd edition rules from 1993. In many respect the changes have been to teams rosters for balancing, and to league rules, which weren’t really fleshed out in 3rd edition.

Games have moved on a bit since then and it will be interesting to see whether this new Blood Bowl edition is simply new miniatures to play with the current rules, or a real update of the game.

For now it is interesting to compare the new models with the old:

First an orc:

Now a human:

The new models feature more detail, which is not surprising as plastics have moved on somewhat since 1993.  The models are also more square, with lots of straight lines.

Another interesting feature was the art pictured behind these two models. It’s the same art from the recent Blood Bowl 2 computer game:


The figures in the foreground are the same, but the background has been changed. Perhaps this means the rules wont change at all, but we’ll have a range of miniatures that look more like their computer game counterparts?

We should know by the end of 2016.



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