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Bones update 15

I managed to create painting space in the only air-conditioned room in the house. Naturally I tested it out by painting another quartet of Bones models:


These goblinoids were part of another experiment: can I paint straight onto Bones?

The answer is yes. I didn’t even wash these models, I simply pulled them out of the drawer they have been in since unboxing and started applying paint.

To be safe I used one of my brand new Master Series Paints as the base skin tone. However I used a mix of other brands too. The leather is a Vallejo game color paint with GW highlights. I have a mix of paints built up over the years, so here are the ones I used for these figures:


I call this experiment a success and will repeat this process in the future.


One comment on “Bones update 15

  1. daggerandbrush
    January 10, 2016

    Good to see Goblins with more inspired skintones than traditional green. I like the guys. I had good results with painting Bomes straight, too. However, sometimes some release agent does make the paint chip, so I wash them before I paint them. It is probably the oil on my hands, too. My next experiment will be priming them with AK Grey Primer as I did not like the beading of diluted paimt im some cases on the raw Bones.

    Good work on the ruin, too. You could apply a pigment wash on the stone to bring the detsils out a bit more and tone it down a bit/ make it looked more weathered.

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