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MtG artists: Jason Felix

From his debut in the original Zendikar block, Jason Felix’s art has effortlessly blended in to Magic: the Gathering. The chances are high that many of the cards which have caught your eye over the past few years are by him.

Blighted Woodland


This art from Battle for Zendikar gives us a great contrast between the extant woodland and the areas denuded by the Eldrazi.

Crypt of Agadeem


For me this is some classic fantasy art. The purple light emanating from the crypt gives the impression that to walk through the stone gates is to enter another world.

Death-Hood Cobra


This deadly snake inhabits the metallic world of Mirrodin and has incorporated copper into its form.

Temple of Triumph


The red/white land in the cycle of ten temples from the Theros world has some… straightforward imagery.

Whispering Specter


Two of Mirrodin’s moon are visible behind this fearsome creature.


See all cards illustrated by Jason Felix or visit the artist’s website.



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