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Xmas models 2015

Merry Christmas everyone! Like many gamers I am in the habit of saying “eh, some models, I guess…” in response to the “what would you like for Christmas?” questions.

This has mixed results.

The method I used this year was to order some models and then parcel them out among present givers. I also gained a bonus terrain piece from GW which I didn’t pick out but was overheard remaking about how it might look nice on the desert tablescapes.

So here is the haul for this year:


That’s a box of archers from Conquest Games. These will be useful as Levy troops for some SAGA armies. Beside the box are two different models for Harald Hardrada. Behind that is the GW terrain price.

My ambition right now is to paint these within a year of their purchase, a mighty ambition indeed based on my track record.


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