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MtG artists: Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander is best known for his lands, and that will come through strongly in the selection below. In reality he has produced far more than just awesome landscapes for Magic and I’d encourage anyone to check out the full range of his work.

Watery Grave


When the cycle of 10 shocklands were printed back in the first Ravnica block, Wizards wanted to make an impact. These would be the first dual lands with basic land types since the original duals. Wizards needed something special. They needed Rob Alexander. He delivered 10 stunning arts to make up this now iconic set of lands. This one was recently reprinted with new art from Raymond Swanland.

Underground Sea


Speaking of the original duals we have Underground Sea. Rob Alexander didn’t illustrate all 10 original duals, but this is one of his. Like Watery Grave above it produces blue and black mana.

Thrumming Stone


Technically this art is for an artifact and not a land, but you can see why I had to tell you that.

Temple Garden


Another of the shock land cycle, this art features a structure that grows ever larger the more you look at it.

Oboro, Palace in the Clouds


This fantastical structure featured in the Japanese-inspired Kamigawa block.


See all cards illustrated by Rob Alexander, or visit the artist’s website.


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