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MtG artists: Raymond Swanland

Raymond Swanland’s art style is recognisable to many Magic players. His lines draw the eye effortlessly across each piece, and his colours are bold. Just what a Magic card needs!

Ajani’s Presence


The fierce warrior planeswalker leads an army against enemies on Theros

Rescue from the Underworld 


A quieter piece, this scenes evokes Greek myth.

Watery Grave


As an update to a popular original this art had a high bar to reach. In my opinion the bar was reached.

Wurmcoil Engine


This artifact creature from Mirrodin splits into two smaller creatures when it dies. Many Magic players use this feature to their advantage.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon


This art shows the dragon planeswalker standing whole on his home plane of Tarkir.


You and see all cards illustrated by Raymond Swanland here or else visit the artist’s website.




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