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Well, I could…

…but I won’t. And here ends the article on whether or not I’ll use the Betrayal at Calth board game to springboard into Horus Heresy gaming. You can stop here if you like.

It was something I put some thought into when the game came out. It was all about the models (there’s already a Horus Heresy board game if that is what you want).

After some thinking about the various legions I decided on the Word Bearers. I’ve enjoyed reading about them in the book series, and they offer a varied Legion. From ‘normal’ marines through to their possessed, along with many vehicles and chaos cultist tag alongs, even a demon or two, Word Bearers have a lot to offer.

It was also entirely likely that this would become more of a painting/diorama project than a gaming one, which is fine too.

Without looking, I figured around $1,500 would get me going, so off to the ForgeWorld site I went.


The site is easy to use and easy to navigate, so it wasn’t long before I lined up what I wanted. With the exchange rate this came to just over $1,500.

2 Beatrayal at Calth Word Bearer conversion kits

1 Lorgar

1 Samus the demon

1 Kor Phaeron

1 Erebus

2 Gal Vorbak

1 Heresy missile launcher pack

This would give me 60 marines, 10 terminators, 2 dreadnoughts, 10 terminators, 4 characters, 10 possessed (the Gal Vorbak) and some additional heavy weapons in the style of the times.

No vehicles though, and no cultists. In fact adding those would be another $1,500.


That’s when I started thinking seriously about the $1,500.

The same amount of money can mean different things to different people. For me that represents about a year’s spending on various gaming hobby items, including paints, scenery, interesting crowdfunding projects, models, board games and even computer games.

It’s not an amount of money I have ever spent in one go before.

The Horus Heresy isn’t the only setting I could go all in on, there are other miniatures games out there.

I decided to see what else that $1,500 could buy me. I decided on two comparisons; Star Wars X-Wing, and Perry Miniatures. The first is a game I already play, the other is a range I like (the medieval line) and plan to buy more just as soon as I paint what I have.

Star Wars X-wing

I headed over the The Combat Company website to see what they had. My list came to 52 ships, so fewer models than I would have from the ForgeWorld option.

1 of each starter set (new film, old film, Most Wanted)

Millennium Falcon


Imperial Assault Carrier

2x Mist Hunter

Punishing One


Hound’s Tooth

2x Imperial Aces (love the TIE interceptor!)

4x TIE Fighter (classic)

TIE Advanced

3x TIE interceptor

3x TIE bomber

2x TIE fighter (new)

2x TIE Punisher

2x Rebel Aces

Rebel Transport

Imperial Raider

Tantive IV

3x Y-Wing

2x X-Wing (classic)

2x X-Wing (new)

These 52 ships give good (not not complete!) coverage of the game’s three factions. All the large ships are there allowing for some scenario play. There’s enough money left over for a 4×4 gaming sheet with a nice space design on there. I suspect I might want two though! The collection also allows me to take a Scum and Villainy fleet consisting of each Bounty Hunter from that scene in Empire Strikes Back. You know the one.


This selection has fewer models but offers IMO more options than the Word Bearers. It’s also the kind of seleciton I might build up over time. We’ll see.

Perry Miniatures

For this one I headed to War and Peace games, my local webstore when it comes to historical miniatures. This website allows me to look specifically at the entire Perry medieval range, and also offers bundle deals on the plastics, which is nice.

A few calculations later and I had this list:

2x Medieval mega menagerie

4x foot knights

4x European mercenaries

2x War of the Roses infantry

This comes to a massive 832 miniatures!

Here’s the ‘mega menagerie’ bundle deals:



Not only is this over 10 times the next closes in terms of model count, it was also the cheapest. The boxes listed above came to just over $1,300 leaving me with options in terms of character models and banners, shield transfers and the like. Unlike the first two, there would also be postage to pay here.

On the downside I would also need to purchase back five years of my life to have time to paint it all!

The verdict

I could have investigated other options, including the recent Bones III Kickstarter where I have confirmed my order, but still have the opportunity to go back and add more things.

Ultimately I’m not going to spend $1,500 in one hit on anything. Of the options above… probably Perry. From using as test models in any new game rules I want to try out, from scenarios to dioramas, to mass painting techniques, this has the most options. As with the Word Bearers order though I would probably spend the same again though this time not on additional models but on paints supplies, and scenery.

The real lesson here is that money will buy things but it won’t buy the time to use them. Stupid money!

4 comments on “Well, I could…

  1. Azazel
    December 6, 2015

    You could always do a bit of each. No need to have $1500 worth of stuff in one hit, after all..

    Liked by 1 person

    • davekay
      December 11, 2015

      The others weren’t especially serious. It was more a case of realising what the start of a Heresy collection would cost, then wondering what else I could buy with the same amount of money. Honestly, I was just adding more ships to the Star Wars list to try and get the total up.

      Although the Perry list is tempting. However I should first paint the two boxes of their European Mercenaries that I bought in 2010…


  2. heretic30k
    December 7, 2015

    Why not start small with a single BoC set? Plenty enough figures for Killteam or Strategic Raid games 🙂


    • davekay
      December 11, 2015

      While there’s logic there, when it comes to Horus Heresy, it’s the big battles that appeal most to me. It’s good to know where I’m going before I decide whether to get in.


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