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Board game level up

I saw this one via Reddit and had to share. A group of gamers decided that the Game of Thrones board game was not… epic enough and set about expanding it.

They ended up rebuilding the game map and expanding things to allow for 12 players rather than the usual 5-6.


This image shows the whole table but to get a sense of the scale here’s a close up of the map:


As you can see they have painted the provinces and resources from each province onto their map, and that polystyrene is quite tall.

They did a great job sculpting  a map of Westeros and Essos. They 3D printed the castles, which took about 2 hours per unit.

The island in the middle is not canon, but was there to give greater connectivity between the two continents.

The Game of Thrones board game has a well-earned reputation as a friendship-ender. On a table like this, it would be worth it!

More images are available via the creator’s Imgur gallery.


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