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ArtStation stop: Wadim Kashin

Mesmerising. I was trying to think of a word to describe Wadim Kashin’s work, and this is the word that came to me.

The colours are bold and the subject is generally of a science fiction bent. From deep forests and deserts to claustrophobic city streets, the subjects vary, but the style remains clear. You’ll want to click on these to enlarge them as his style works best at a larger size.

Tourism 2


A single spaceship cruises through an alien forest.

Desert Gates


I love the clouds in this piece, as well as the contrast between the sky and the ground. A single figure stands watching the gates.

EC Street


A scene reminiscent of Blade Runner, or Neuromancer for that matter.

Open Season


The hunters become the hunted in this forest scene where the dappled reds hint at violence to come.


If you liked these, visit Wadim Kashin’s ArtStation page.


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