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MtG artists: Tomasz Jedruszek

Tomasz Jedruszek debuted in the first Zendikar block with a clutch of eye-catching cards. Since then his art has appeared in almost every set release from Wizards of the Coast. His cards cover a multitude of scenes, whether characters or landscapes, light or foreboding. His name is probably at the bottom of some of your favourite cards.

Deadeye Navigator


This ghostly boatman takes his passenger to who-knows-where.

Drifting Shade


Another ghostly figure, this one winged and drifting across a forlorn landscape.



This card turns a land into a swamp, the art shows this to be the work of a mysterious figures passing through.

Shadowmage Infiltrator


This is new art on the card from its recent reprint, although even the card’s designer felt it’s moment has now passed. I wasn’t sorry to see this new art though.

Snowhorn Rider


From the snowy lands of Tarkir comes this charging warrior, always ready to make an impact on the battlefield.

See all cards illustrated by Tomasz Jedruszek or visit the artist’s ArtStation page.


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