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MtG artists: Steve Prescott

Steve Prescott’s art first appeared in the Planar Chaos set of the Time Sprial block. An old set for many Magic players. Older Magic players remember it fondly for bringing back the original card frame in the ‘timeshifted’ cards that appeared in packs of the first set.

Since that debut Steve has illustrated over 150 magic cards. Here are just five of those:

Cylian Elf


The art makes this creature look more significant than a 2/2 with no abilities, but that s indeed what this is.

Hallowed Spiritkeeper


This card appeared in a special Commander set, with this magnificent art.

Slaughter Games


The point of view for this card will make you uneasy once you realise what it means…

War Oracle


This card from Magic Origins was a favourite in the draft format. Battle scenes like this are actually not common on Magic cards.

Warriors’ Lesson


This card from Theros first got my attention by its correct use of the apostrophe. However the artwork is yet more impressive, from the two warriors to the leaves in the foreground and the sun-dappled stream behind.

See all cards illustrated by Steve Prescott, or visit the artist’s blog.


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