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Believeable female miniatures

It can be more difficult than it should be to find reasonably-proportioned female miniatures wearing a functional rather than decorative outfit. Such was he experience of gamer Annie Norman when she tried to find shield maiden figures to go into her SAGA viking warband.

So Annie decide to design her own and have them sculpted!


You can buy these miniatures from her website, Bad Squiddo Games. Bad Squiddo also sell conversion prices, especially heads. More than this though Annie has effectively curated her website, and you can find functional female models from dozens of manufacturers, all in one space. Full ranges for Frostgrave and SAGA are available along with female miniatures across genres.

Annie previously made a name for herself as the ‘dice bag lady’ but RSI put paid to that endeavour. The web store is Annie’s current innovation and is an interesting take on the miniatures webstore.



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