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Non-metallic gold, attempts 2 and 3

The painting technique of non-metallic metal, or NMM as it is often known, is something I’ve tried once, with middling results. Simply put, when painting non-metallic metal you use colours rather than metallic paint, much as a visual artist would when painting.

See this piece below by Will Murai. The artist has used colours to created the effect of gold and silver armour. Similar effects can be achieved on miniatures.


Recently I gave the technique another run, on a pair of fantasy hero models. Here are the results:

NMM gold

The dwarf was the second of the two models I painted, and I’m a lot happier with how it turned out. The knight is okay, but the level of contrast was not there. For those wondering I used only two colours for the NMM gold: white and leather brown. These were mixed to varying degrees, and painted over a white undercoat.

Given how the dwarf turned out, the gold at least is something I plan to keep going with.

2 comments on “Non-metallic gold, attempts 2 and 3

  1. David Gonzalez
    October 27, 2015

    I always wondered what’s the allure in using non metallics, when you can get better results easier using metallics?


  2. theotherone42
    November 9, 2015

    I guess part of it is the challenge; “Can I make this work?”. The Dwarf does look good. i may have to have a crack at getting a NMM effect myself sometime soon 🙂

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