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The Civilization V Battle Royale

Civilization V is a deep and fascinating game by itself. Add mods, and the game becomes deeper still, with new factions, map features, and more.

Or you can take things to the extreme, and get the computer to play itself on an extra large world map. Then get 61 Civilzations, many of them modded, to battle it out with one another while we all watch. This is the Battle Royale.


Some in-game civs are present, including Persian, England, and the Inca. The vast majority are modded and have been spread around the map to give all civs some room to expand (some more than others!).

Updates in the form of slide shows with commentary have been provided by community volunteer writers, and far more content exists depending on how deep you want to go. Read part 1 via Reddit now.


Familiar cities will often appear in strange locations, controlled by factions who never owned them historically, but this is all part of the fun.

There is a useful interview with the Battle Royale creator, who has contributed to many mods himself prior to this undertaking.

When this ends, there will only be one Civ left standing from the 61 starters. Who will it be?


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