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MtG artists: Randy Gallegos

Randy Gallegos has illustrated well over 100 cards from the early years of the game through to recent times. It would be inaccurate to say he specialises in individual female figures, but it so happens that all of my choices fall into this category. Here are five of my favourites:



This art for a promotional version of the card is a favourite of many.

Martyr of Sands


This card is one of five martyrs, and has formed the basis of a competitive tournament deck.

Mesa Enchantress


The mesa enchantress rewards you with a card every time you play an enchantment, making this a card often seen in casual deck builds.

Sleeper Agent


Sleeper Agent is a creature you give to an opponent, and then it does damage to them! They can still attack with the creature though, so watch out for revenge!

Soul Warden


This card gives you a life every time a creature enters the battlefield, which is going to happen a lot over the course of a game. It’s another card loved by many players.

See all cards illustrated by Randy Gallegos or visit the artist’s website.


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