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Army of World’s Ending: an army list for Of Gods and Mortals

As the cold winds gather, and survivors clutch their weapons and loved ones, the army of the World’s Ending marches in all its terrible glory. Relentless and impossible to rout, the army seems unstoppable.

world’s ending (1)

The Gods


Little and less is known of those who lead the Army of World’s Ending. They have designations rather than names, few survive and encounter with the army to tell scholars of what they saw. No one has yet survived a second encounter.

The Lich King is the ultimate power behind this army. His corpse dragged from some forsaken tomb and reanimated, he has only one goal: the extinction of all life.

Vampire Aristocrat may seem haughty and aloof, but ultimately serves the lich king and marches under his orders. The vampire may be one individual or many – accounts differ. What is known is that he or she is not beyond seeking out the best equipment for their minions.

The Ancient Vampire may have been the one who raise the Lich King. He is a fearsome wizard and commands vast armies of the undead. Many necromancers march under his banner.worldsending01

The Lich King’s Champion is a vile and vicious spirit. Should the champion be seen leading a force, then know that the Lich King has paid special attention to this place. The champion is often seen destroying specific locations or assassinating the few remaining heroes of the world. Clearly he moves to the Lich King’s agenda, removing potential threats to his master’s plan.

From what hell did the Beast of World’s Ending emerge to torment us? In truth it is not known whether the beast and the Lich King are connected, or whether this is some new terror entirely. Its many mouths scream incessantly driving even the bravest to despair.

The Legends

The legends of this army are many and varied. Necromancers wield the power to return life but are not fighters by nature. Charioteers and champions are seen among the cult of the World’s Ending, leading the way and inciting their followers to ever deeper atrocities.

The undead have their own champions too. Fiery hounds have been seen leading packs of twisted dog-creatures into battle, but greater beasts still have been spotted.

The thing known only as the devourer erupts from the earth to consume at will, while the bone giant dominates the skyline, knocking armies out of its way with impunity.

The mortals

The army is made up mainly of the dead; skeletons and zombies, and even undead rats. Hounds have also been seen in these numbers, and what curse can be uttered to describe the living fanatics who follow these monstrous abominations? None known to this author.

Designer’s notes


I developed this army to be an implacable horde, and the main feature of this army is the difficulty you will have driving them off. Almost every list entry has either the fanatic, or undead traits, meaning they simply will not run.

This is deliberate. As the game continues, the superior troops will become worn down by their own casualties while the fanatics and undead continue to fight, their numbers bolstered by Necromancers.

Fighting with this army is straightfoward. You’ll want to keep the horde near your god and work as one hammer to smash any opposition. Necromancers can be deployed behind the army to raise back any early casualties suffered.

The Lich King’s Champion offers an entirely different way to use the army, focusing on hit and run attacks. Tricky, but rewarding.


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