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Bones update 12

I’ve completed another quarto of Bones figures. I’ve stuck with the method of having the family each choose a model for me to paint, and it’s still resulting in interesting sets of four each time.


After talking about some of the myths surrounding Bones I encountered one of the problems. There was a definite lack of detail on the townsfolk woman and two children, which is partly the reason why they are at the back in the image. A black wash helped counter the issue, but the faces of both children lacked definition.

The well was an opportunity to break out my seldom-used bottle of water effect, while the undead figure gave me a reason to use my bronze paint. I rarely crack the lid on that one.

This brings my Bones 1 haul to roughly 25% painted. I skipped Bones 2, but ended up pledging for the recent Bones 3. This time I focused on fewer, larger models in my pledge. At this rate I will complete Bones 1 in 2018.


7 comments on “Bones update 12

  1. Azazel
    September 20, 2015

    Nice work here. The Dark Elf Cleric (?) model has come up well, as has the Undead model also looks very good. The fountain should come in useful in your dungeon travels as well. 🙂
    That Woman and Children sculpt is one of the ones that I believe gave Reaper a lot of problems with the initial batch. I received one where the heads were not fully formed, and so were simply round globes. I might paint it as a “horror” miniature one day

  2. Somet
    September 20, 2015

    All looking great, I particularly like the fountain. Which water effect product do you use?

    • davekay
      September 20, 2015

      I use Games Workshop’s product, which I am sure I overpaid for! It does the job nicely though.

      • Somet
        September 20, 2015

        Wrong answer Dave! 🙂 To my knowledge the GW stuff isn’t available anymore, I was hoping you’d used something you could recommend that I could buy now. Looks like I’ll be looking for some Woodland Scenic stuff, that seems to be the logical choice nowadays.
        I never see a problem with GW’s prices for this sort of stuff. Sure you can buy bigger pots of similar product cheaper but there’s no point doing that if you only need a tiny amount of something once in a blue moon.

      • davekay
        September 20, 2015

        I must admit, it has been sitting in a drawer for a few years now!

      • daggerandbrush
        September 21, 2015

        Golden Acrylic medium gloss also works quite well for shallow pools, anything deeper is best done using clear Epoxy Resin. However, I bought a Golden pot some years ago and still have plenty. There is however more you can do with it, for instance mud effects or melting ice.

  3. daggerandbrush
    September 21, 2015

    Really like your selection this time. I am also working at that well, but did paint the face bronze with heavy verdigris. I like your turquoise version. Gives it a good contrast to the sourrounding surfaces. That mummy looks also good, the blue and off-white work well together. The villagers did give me some problems, too. So I coudl try to give them a nose and features, or I could behead them and make a conversion…

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