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MtG artists: Mark Tedin

Mark Tedin illustrated cards for Magic’s first set, and to date has contributed well over 200 cards to the game. New art from Mark hasn’t been seen on cards since the original Zendikar set, and I have my fingers crossed that we may see a card or two from him in the upcoming Battle for Zendikar.

With a tendency towards detail and vibrant colours, Mark art is instantly recognisable when you see it.



The kami of Kamigawa came in many weird and wonderful forms, and proved great subjects for artists like Mark Tedin.

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn


Mark Tedin illustrated the largest of the eldrazi titans in the original Zendkar set. With the view tilted up the huge form of Emrakul becomes apparent. Prepare to be annihilated!

Enormous Baloth


‘large green creature’ can describe a lot of creatures that lack much variety. Not so much this Baloth which stands out from the crowd.

Primal Beyond


Just in case you thought Mark only illustrated monsters, here is a special land from the Morningtide set.

Repentant Vampire


The art for Repentant Vampire ended up bring split on the card to make the vampire the focus of his own card. The vampire’s female companion was cut, but the art was preserved and used on another card in the same set – Gallantry.

Again we see Mark’s level of detail from the vampire’s expression to his clothing and on to the musculature of the monsters he fights to the erosion patterns on the mountains behind.

View all cards illustrated by Mark Tedin or visit the artist’s website.



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