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Being an independent artist

Peter Mohrbacher has published an informative overview of what it means to be an independent artist. Peter doesn’t mince his words, and also doesn’t include anything superfluous. If you are thinking about making a living from your visual art ability, I would strongly recommend you read this before getting started.

Here’s an example

“Business Acumen

We live in a world where you are only as powerful as your most powerful spreadsheet. That’s not any less true for us as artists as it is for any other industry. It is essential to step apart from the inward facing world of the artist so that you can see your work as a business. Learning the trade skill of business is not any more complicated that the trade of painting, but it requires a level of analysis that is deeply uncomfortable for some people. You must coldly evaluate your work, your time and your expertise. It’s a strange and ill-fitting hat, but it has to be worn in order to be your own boss.”

Read the rest here.


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