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MtG artists: Lucas Graciano

Lucas Graciano’s style is like a classical painting, but in a good way. His cards have a wavy quality to them, as though you were looking at them through a thin film of water.

Zendikar Incarnate

doag_zendikar incarnate

In this art from Magic Origins the land itself has risen to drive off intruders.

Grave Titan


This is a promotional version of the card, and was mis-attributed to Nils Hamm, which is a shame for both artists. Nils Hamm painted the original card, this version is Graciano’s and don’t believe the card when it tells you otherwise!

Pyrewild Shaman


We don’t often see obviously aged goblins – I suspect they have a short life expectancy! In this art from Graciano we see an obviously older shaman, with scars from battle and faded tattoos.

Shadowborn Apostle


This card is unusual in Magic as you can have as many as you want in your deck. Sacrifice six of them, and you get a free Shadowborn Demon.

Sunblade Elf


Many of Graciano’s pieces use darker colours, but cards like this show he is not a one-trick pony. Brighter colours infect this piece, but the mood is still sombre, with the central figure looking down on the viewer through his helm. This encounter will not end well.

See all cards illustrated by Lucas Graciano or visit the artist’s website.


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