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MtG artists: Seb McKinnon

Like Nils Hamm, Seb McKinnon’s work has an ethereal yet gritty quality that really appeals. I always look forward to seeing his work in a set. After a single card in the Magic 2013 set, his work has appeared in each set since, and also on a couple of very nice promotional cards.

Blind Obedience


This card shows the dominance of the Orzhov guild of Ravnica, and also showcased the extort mechanic, which has become the bane of many a multiplayer group.

Eidolon of Blossoms


Players who bought a box of Journey into Nyx were rewarded with this promotional art for the card. The figures, the forest, the flowers, it all comes together for me.

Ordunos River Trawler


This sombre art shows a zombie of Theros wandering the shoreline of the river that leads to the realm of the dead.

Pontiff of Blight


This is another Orzhov guild art from the final set of the recent Return to Ravnica block. The effect of this card ups Blind Obedience by giving the extort ability to each of your creatures.

See all cards illustrated by Seb McKinnon or visit the artist’s website.


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