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How Noah Bradley became an artist

Noah Bradley has written a heartfelt and emotive piece telling us his journey to becoming an artist. I recommend reading it to gain some insight into one man’s journey. If you are an aspiring artist, I think you’ll enjoy the read. People like me tend to enjoy the images more!


This covers his first tertiary study:

“To RISD’s credit, they are wonderous at making their students work hard. My classmates and I put in insane hours working on our craft. If it takes ten thousand hours, then I was getting there as quickly as I could.”

but doesn’t ignore the realities

“the financial realities of staying for another two years were coming to the forefront. Tuition was rising and my scholarship was not. To stay would mean ending up with over $100k in debt.

So I left.”


But also growing an extending as an artist:

“I did my first plein air work of my life. And I loved it. Every minute of it. The heat, the glare of light, the wind blowing around and bugs flying into my paint. Everything about it just felt… right. I had grown up in the woods of Virginia and it felt like a dream come true to get to create art and experience nature at the same time.”


To graduation and final acceptance as a professional artist:

“I buckled down and forced myself to finish just one piece.”


When we look at card art of Magic, it is difficult to think about where the artist has come from, what has brought them to the point of being commissioned by Wizards of the Coast. Noah Bradley’s story provides great insight into how this journey can go.

Read the full article.


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