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MtG artists: Noah Bradley

I’ve written about Noah Bradley before, but haven’t yet profiled his art. Let’s fix that oversight now!

Noah Bradley’s art first appeared on Magic cards in the Return to Ravnica set. Even as I write this his art has appeared on fewer than 50 cards. Yet he seems (to me anyway) like on of the current mainstay artists of Magic.

Temple of Mystery


There was a cycle of 10 duel lands across the Theros block, and this is the blue/green land. The hues of the art hint at the colours it produces. This art shows a temple at the edge of the world, with water cascading past to… whatever is down there. A vast system of pumps no doubt otherwise the world would soon run out of water.

Giant Growth


There have been many versions of this card over the years. This one is my favourite simply for not showing the creature being enlarged by the spell. Instead we see the reactions of those around, plus one very large shadow on the ground.

Kjeldoran Outpost


This art must be added to the list of those we shall never see on a card, because of the reserved list. This art featured in Magic Online, and shows us the fortified outpost with a snowy expanse stretching into the distance.



From the Magic Origins set, this art shows one of the basic lands of Magic, but with some interesting foreground.



This art from Fate Reforged shows a disguising spell. It turns a card into a 2/2 creature with flying and hexproof. The card can be turned upright if it is a creature, but will retain the flying and hexproof characteristics. Noah Bradley’s take shows a form suitably magical and mysterious.

See all cards illustrated by Noah Bradley or visit the artist’s website.



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