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Kingdom Death preorder special

The Kingdom Death Kickstarter project closed some time ago. Originally scheduled to deliver in late 2013, the project is on the cusp of delivery now. This project is a great example of how to keep your backers onside even when very late, but that is for another article.

The game is about to launch. The Kickstarter exceeded all expectations, and a lot of stretch goals were added into the game box. This means the box is weighty and pricey. By pricey I mean it comes with a retail tag of $400. That was not a typo.


Before the game ships to its backers, non-backers have the chance to pick up the game pre-retail at a hefty discount. So if you have been thinking about a boutique survival horror game with some of the best miniatures around, you may wish to head to their pre-order page and jump in for $275.


Now that it still a premium price by the standard of board games. The pre-order page goes into plenty of detail about what you get for your money. The pre-order is open for about 24 hours after this article goes live. This is not an offer for the indecisive!


Kingdom Death pre-order special


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